Sunday, 20 July 2014

What a hectic few days ...

and very enjoyable it has been too ... if somewhat exhausting for this 27 week pregnant 40 year old.I've been very spoilt with lots of lovely gifts Like this little combo from my hubby and eldest daughter 

Friday saw me at the hospital with my littlest Guy having a blood test , he was so brave that I felt a little shopping trip was in order ( for something that will also help keeping him occupied as he can't go out and run around this summer )

Friday evening was a lovely meal with my family and two special friends from up north ... the food was delicious and it was all topped off with cake which was very yummy and missing 40 candles much to my relief 

Saturday bought with it thunder storms and hot and muggy weather which found me fanning myself with anything I could find ( Note to self Buy a personal fan asap !) 

It also bought with me a much needed night out with fabulous friends , great tapas , much laughter and more yummy cake . Banco lounge in Totterdown has always been one of my favourite places but really outdid themselves with table service for my special occasion .

so that's it the end of the 40th Birthday celebrations , but not quiet the end . I still have the generous gift of a night at the theatre with my favourite Aunt , Nan and Mum to look forward to , as well as a lovely day or two at Clifton relaxation centre ( a gift from my postnatal girls) which will be a lovely way to fulfil another one of these challenges 

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