Thursday, 17 July 2014

Day 1 - Really ... 40! How did that happen ?

I am sure that when I went to bed last night I was in my 30's ... somehow I have slipped into this alternate dimension in which I am now in my 40's . 

I can't get upset about it when it involves being this spoilt by some generous family and special friends

I started the day with a crafty little trip to Costa for my favourite gingerbread latte and almond croissant 

 Then off out with my Mummy to take my very missed Grandad some flowers . My birthday will forever mark the anniversary of the time I saw him for the last time but I refuse to allow it to get me down .. I was incredibly lucky to have someone in my life that I miss this much.

Then Lunch time , not at all as planned but once the food arrived it was very yummy .I am very glad my mummy took me out despite me wanting a quiet day at home and what's a birthday without a balloon

I still have my hubby's gift all wrapped , waiting for him to get home from work when I open it and more celebrations to come over the next few days ... Turning 40 is actually quiet Fun :)

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